Eye Industry Town

He University continuously seeks to advance knowledge through dedicated research teams in the Office for Research, Innovation, Development and Artificial Intelligence. We are involved in research across various disciplines cutting across subject areas such as health and humanities. Our research activities mostly on science and technology, especially area related to eye health and other important areas. We focus on Research and Development of stem cell, gene engineering, ophthalmic drugs, biological materials, bio-optics, medical devices, AI, precise medicine and a lot more. All members of He University community are involved in creating and supporting the creation of new knowledge. He University research functions from Graduate and Undergraduate Studies. There is a centralized database system which stores information on our research areas and publications.

We are the home for:

·  International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Ministry of the People Republic of China

·  National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory

·  Liaoning Key Lab of Ophthalmic Stem Cells

·  Liaoning postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base

·  Green Valley Bio-Ophthalmology Engineering Technology Research Center

·  Liaoning Industry Professional Technology Innovation Platform

·  Liaoning Industry-University-Research Cooperation Demonstration Base

·  Liaoning Ophthalmic Biomedical Engineering Lab  

·  Liaoning University Student Entrepreneurship Incubation Demonstration Base

·  ​​​​​​​Liaoning Science & Technology Popularization Base