(6 years)

Program Introduction 
This program is designed based on the shortage of comprehensive eye care personnel world-widely. This program has a “double-division-type” faculties and an international communication platform with many top academic universities around the world, and strives to cultivate a complete clinical medical education background. We train students to translate laboratory findings into treatments of eye diseases and the prevention of blindness. Our faculty physicians are among the most respected ophthalmologists in the field and attract patients regionally, nationally, and internationally. While continuing to build our clinical services and research programs, our primary mission is teaching residents, fellows, and optometric medical and ophthalmology students.

Degree Awarded

Students who has completed all the required courses and passed all the examinations will be allowed to gradutes. Students who meet the requirement of Degree Awarding Committee will be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Medicine.
Career Prospects

Graduates are able to work on clinical diagnosis and treatment as ophthalmologist in the general hospitals, eye specialist hospitals, and ophthalmology clinics. Or work as researcher or administrator in medical and ophthalmology related research institutions such as various colleges and universities, and business in optometry era.