The First Lesson

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The First Lesson


Gathers Strength Together to Overcome Difficulties






It's been half a year since we left


Finally arrived at the intersection home


Thoughts through time


We are together again


By the shores of Sishui River and Boya Lake


Finally, Xiao he came home


Let the former quiet campus full of energy


We have the temperature home 


Because of you




The ceremony is meaningful because of you






Eight thirty this morning


He University held the first flag-raising ceremony in the middle of the Boya Lake square after students returned to school.


We press the button to start the off-line semester in the fall of 2020 in this solemn manner


We are trying to lead the teachers and students to understand that the Chinese nation stands together and helps each other in the special time of the epidemic prevention and control






It's been a long time since we met again


A "flag" rang out loud and clear by the little He students from great honor national flag class


Line up neatly with great honor altitudes


I hope you will use your upright posture and resolute steps to support the Chinese power and to transmit the Chinese spirit






2020 is a special year


We've been through too much


When the flag is slowly raised


The only feeling flashed through our mind were those hero without fear


Only one simple word come to our mind "be safe,just come back."


Although this flag-raising ceremony is long overdue


But we still see the flag fluttering with hanging sails when we look up


There was a pride in our deeply heart


All around me is the backbone of the future


Eyes sparkling with firm faith




Professor Wang Yang presided over the flag-raising ceremony




#1Recognition of anti-epidemic volunteers




Professor Fan Mei read out the commendation document of "Young pacesetter"




Professor He Xiangdong presented certificates to the representatives of "Young pacesetters"




The heart for heaven and earth, the serving for the people


381 excellent volunteers have emerged in our school at the critical time


They are actively involved in the prevention and control of coVID-19 work


without afraid of hard work and danger


Showing great love and responsibility


More grateful for the strength of the country and the perseverance of our people when listen to their personal stories of fighting the epidemic


Deeply respect to all the hero who have made great contributions to the prevention of the epidemic again




#2 Student Representatives Speaking




Facing difficulties regardless of life and death during the epidemic, thousands of medical workers marched on with heavy burdens. Their courage and dedication gave me great motivation and strengthened to stick to my belief in studying medicine.As a medical student, I have never forgotten my responsibility and mission, and I devote myself to the epidemic prevention work in the community as soon as possible.As medical students, we should shoulder our social responsibility and mission. We should have the spirit of perseverance and courage to fight against the epidemic, and make our own contribution to win the war. When the country needs us, we should stand up and contribute our youth."


-- Zhaohui Sun , class 10, Clinical Medicine, Grade 2019




Class #3 Director Appointment Ceremony




Professor Hao Wei read out the head teacher appointment documents




Professor Qiao Min awarded the head teacher appointment certificate for the teacher representatives












In the context of a normalized epidemic


To ensure the safety of students


Create a healthy campus environment


The school is under closed management


In order to strengthen the relationship between students and teachers


We pick out a head teacher for each class among the best young teachers


A total of 91 head teachers were appointed this time


To care students' learning life and physical and mental health


Today you and me will come together for the dream of study


I will wave and guide though there is a long way to go


May this friendship be a lifelong dream




#4Headmaster speech   The first lesson of the new term






"Today, facing the first sunshine of the new term, we held this long-expected flag raising ceremony and the first lesson of the new term, which is no longer across the air. The COVID-19 epidemic has changed the lives of all people and even inflicted a huge impact on human society. The CPC Central Committee has upheld the supremacy of people and life, and led the people to unite as one to overcome the difficulties. I believe the students have gained a deeper understanding of the meaning of life from this epidemic. I hope that you will stick to your original intention and mission, shoulder your responsibilities, cultivate your patriotism, and strive for national rejuvenation during the period of your studying.


I hope Xiao He can be self-conscious, self-disciplined, cherish life and respect life as an important guide in your future, and you will find that your social value will be sublimated.


Today is Bailu traditional solar term in Chinese, which means that we will enter the harvest season from now on. I believe that after eight months of distress and anxiety, Xiao He's resolute spirit will be better promoted. In this beautiful campus, you can give full play to your intelligence and talents and fulfill your dream of great national rejuvenation.


We look forward to having all the He family together."


-- Professor Xiangdong He, President








We were separated by the epidemic


But I never stopped thinking about the situation


Now we are in a solemn flag-raising ceremony


Press the start button of the off-line resuming classes


Start a new journey of learning


Maybe this semester will be a little special


Maybe the next six months will be full of surprises


But the only thing we know


Embrace the present with our youth


Look to the future with the heart of struggle


May we return from all over the world with the same original intention


We are still the young man who enjoyed how to sail!

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