Happy Teacher’s Day

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Happy Teachers Day



The vicissitudes of human history

Concentrate in 2020, which is quietly halfway through

The epidemic is suspending classes currently, but studying is carrying on

You use calmness and responsibility to overcome the risks of fighting against the perils of the sky

You use your limit to challenge the next unknown situation

It has made important contributions to the fight against COVID-19

Never forget the mission of cultivating people with moral integrity

In the new era of education and teaching background

You constantly adjust yourself and dare to break through

Firmly adhere to your promised vow, to be an educator

Guarding the ardent education of the initial heart

Even its full of thorns, you never give up

Thank you for staying true to your roots



One is lucky in life to have a good teacher

Meeting a good teacher is a treasurable luck in our life

It is an honor for a school to have good teachers

It is the hope of the nation to has a steady stream of good teachers

The wheels of history roll on, heroes are made in times

He's is a magical place

Everyone being glitters

The power of example is the way forward

Is a beacon of light

It is the hope of the nation

Thank you for being our light





You want the next intersection

The world will be different because of you

You build a new hope with your youth

You cultivate the pillar of the country with your own strength

Every great man exists

The future that you've been hoping for

A little thought for my dearest you

Every seemingly mundane position

Both are indispensable

May the future be a total of wind and rain through the thorns

Thank you for choosing to, stick to it




From childhood ideals to lifelong aspirations

From the pursuit of personal responsibility to the country and the world

Teachers should shoulder the historical mission

Deep into oneself detached from The Times

The surging backwater is infinite

And it all comes from the limitless power you have bestowed

Thank you for your efforts along the way

Thank you for your persistence




Thank you, teachers

Best wishes


2020/09/17 13:34