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 It is the 110th International Nurses Day today. Nightingale's Candlelight has gone through a hundred years and warmed the hearts of countless people. We need to pay homage to the angel in white who goes backward regardless of life and death!

 It is also the 13th anniversary of the May 12 Wenchuan earthquake today. The pain of Wenchuan, the sorrow of China. We don't want to see the broken valley of Bashu, and we don't want to touch the tragedy of farewell that may. The outstretched hand is the cry from the bottom of my heart, and the red flag is the most ardent expectation under the ruins! We need to bear in mind the Chinese spirit of one heart and one mind! Thirteen years have passed quietly. The spirit of helping each other in the same boat and overcoming difficulties together is still written in the memorandum of He Family. Students of He University interpret the value of moving forward, sticking to and dedication with their actions. Patriotism, gratitude, responsibility, perseverance and spirit of struggle are still inherited in He Campus!


 Born in the golden age, shoulder the heavy responsibility!

 The word "country" is always the deepest attachment of youth.

 The school adheres to the principle of "all for students",

 Adhere to the development concept of "listening to the party's words, following the party" and  taking the road of running a school with characteristics.

 We should guide young students to love the party, the country and socialism,

 Shoulder the responsibility of national rejuvenation bravely!

 Revere life and be grateful!

 Schools should deepen gratitude education,

 Enlighten your mind with great love,

 We should cultivate students' noble character of respecting and protecting their lives and loving each other.

 Embrace the dream of youth from the feeling of gratitude!

 Dangerous road, bramble, fearless ahead!

 Students of He shoulder the mission bravely with their own energy.

 Practice the doctor's oath,with responsibility.

 Only through hard work can we have no regrets about our youth!

 In the rotation of time series,

 What remains unchanged is the figure of the striver.

 In historical coordinates,

 What is always clear is the pace of the striver.

 Young man of He University engraves his struggle on his chest,

 High spirited, live up to youth!

 Youth radiates brilliance in dedication! There are two most dazzling lights in the world, one is the sun, the other is the love in your eyes. The spirit of selfless dedication runs through the whole personality education. We can get inspiration from heroes and models of the times, awaken the truth, goodness and beauty of students' personality, and cultivate students to know the good, understand the reason and have the courage to contribute!


 It's the 12th of May

 Writing time in kindness and pain

 Also in the injury and courage to start again

 Love is boundless

 In the future

 There will be more and more youth

 Devote one's youth and blood to the motherland

 Set foot on the expedition to the stars




2021/05/12 14:30