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 He's campus is green and full of vitality in early spring, but the scene of mountain fire two years ago is still fresh in my mind

 At 13:50 on April 17, 2019, a mountain fire broke out near Qipanshan in Shenyang. The forest fire department and other departments sent out a large number of rescue forces to put out the fire. The whole school was forced to evacuate urgently, and thousands of foreign students were taken home by teachers and students for proper placement

 We are grateful to all sectors of the society for their help to He University, and to all he's teachers and students for keeping watch and helping each other to tide over the difficulties.

 At the same time, we are in awe. This field fire led to a mountain fire, let us know more about the importance of fire safety: a cigarette end may cause a mountain fir the Treasuring lives of tens of thousands of people, a beautiful youth!

Treasuring lives of tens of thousands of people, a beautiful youth!

 Learn from history, learn from danger!

In order to transform the fire safety awareness into the conscious behavior of teachers and students, let all teachers and students revere life and protect our home together, this morning, He university and Hunnan forest fire department jointly held the "4.17" safety education day.


 A cigarette butt thrown away at random caused a mountain fire, which interrupted the happy picnic in the scenic area, and the person who threw the cigarette butt was finally sentenced to punishment Finally, he found that it was just a dream, but the real scene in the dream made him feel palpitating!

The drama "nightmare" performed by the school drama company made the teachers and students deeply aware of the seriousness of forest fires caused by smoking and the importance of banning smoking in forest areas!

Ma Huan, leader of the second forest fire brigade in Hunnan, teaches fire safety education course

 Ma Huan, leader of the second forest fire brigade in Hunnan, brought a lively fire safety education lesson to the teachers and students. He introduced the cases of school fires and volcanoes, and said that the campus fire prevention is more important than Mount Tai. Especially for his university, which is located in the forest area, the most likely fire hazards are illegal electricity use and smoking. If it causes a mountain fire, the consequences will be unimaginable.

 He called on the students not to use illegal electrical appliances in the dormitory, so that people turn off the electricity. At the same time, he also popularized criminal cases and related penalties caused by smoking fires, hoping that the students can effectively improve their fire prevention awareness.

 Prevention First, Combination of Prevention and Elimination!

 In order to continuously improve the fire safety awareness of teachers and students, promote the establishment and implementation of the fire safety responsibility system and fire safety management system in our school, and make all teachers and students pay attention to fire control, learn fire control and participate in fire control, our school has set up the "volunteer fire control propaganda team of He University".


Vice President  Enlan Xia read out the "decision" on the establishment of "volunteer fire propaganda team"

Zhiguang Song, director of forest fire prevention office of Hunnan District, presented the flag to the volunteer publicity team

The leader of the volunteer propaganda team issued a no smoking proposal to all the teachers and students of the school


Hao Wei, executive vice president of university, issued the letter of appointment for the representatives of voluntary propagandists. It was not only a team, but also a heavy mission and responsibility!

Forest fire prevention education base of He University" unveiled

In order to let the forest fire prevention education really enter the campus, Hunnan district forest fire prevention headquarters office officially established the forest fire prevention education base in our school, and implemented the fire safety education into the school.

Zhiguang Song , director of forest fire prevention Office of Hunnan District, and Jianzhong Zhang, Secretary of the Party committee of the school jointly unveiled the "forest fire prevention education base of  He University".

Director Zhiguang Song said in his speech, "today, we are working with He University to carry out forest fire prevention publicity into campus activities, including the establishment of a fire safety education base, the establishment of a voluntary publicity team and the awarding of flags. This activity, let us personally feel the school fire safety education work atmosphere is increasingly strong, I also thank the leaders of He University for their attention to forest fire safety work.

The vast majority of forest fires are caused by human beings, and the reason for the "4.17" mountain fire is the burning of straw. He University is located in the beautiful Qipanshan scenic spot, but it is precisely because of such a special geographical location that we hope that students will cherish the good learning environment, start from themselves, and actively remind people around them to pay attention to fire safety, take care of our forest, and take care of our common home.

School party secretary Jianzhong Zhang

Secretary Zhang Jianzhong said, "on the one hand, we are grateful to all sectors of society for their selfless care and help during the Qipanshan fire. We are grateful to he's family for helping us through the disaster; On the other hand, we should have a sense of awe, deeply reflect on the campus safety work, especially the fire prevention work, and adhere to the principle of safety first and prevention first.

For many years, the school fire safety work has been concerned, supported and helped by all levels of government and departments in Shenyang. They help the school to carry out campus safety education, help the school to solve the difficulties encountered in campus safety, and help the school constantly improve the management of campus safety. Here, on behalf of the school, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you.

To master the ability to prevent and deal with potential safety hazards is not only the important responsibility of teaching and educating people, but also the specific performance of the comprehensive quality ability of young college students. I hope that students from the personal, family and social three dimensions to correctly understand the importance of campus fire prevention, especially the campus smoking work, contribute to the creation of a safe campus.

Since its establishment, He University has always adhered to the tenet of "everything for students", adhering to the principle of life first, and actively carried out fire safety education for students.

Every year, the school will invite Fire Rescue Department and forest fire department to our school for lectures and fire evacuation drills. At the same time of teaching students fire knowledge, it also improves students' ability to deal with initial fire and escape in fire through practical operation.

Through fire safety education, campus safety and students' own safety are integrated. In the protection of their own safety at the same time, the whole school teachers and students also work together to protect our home!

Mountain fire has become the past

The peaceful scene of he's Campus

But cannot leave each ordinary and great you

I hope everyone is happy

Starting from daily drip

Revere life all the time and protect home together

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